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Life / Critical Illness Insurance

We can't predict the future, but we can plan for it.

Life insurance provides cash to help your beneficiaries replace your income when you die. This money goes to your beneficiaries and can be used for anything — funeral expenses, living expenses, education fees, mortgage payments, or donations to charity. Whatever they want. The skies (and the amount of your death benefit) are the limit.

Death is expensive — the average funeral costs nearly $10,000 — not to mention medical bills after a hospital stay or extended illness. Life insurance can help pay for these debts and give your family time to grieve.

Life insurance can also help your family pay the bills if you die. Think about your family ledger: if you didn’t bring in another paycheck, what would happen? Could your spouse make up the difference? An influx of cash can keep the surviving spouse in their home or your children in college, if not forever, at least until they can make another plan. But there are more benefits to life insurance than a pot of money.

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